Starbucks Matcha Drinks: 10 Best Starbucks Matcha Drinks

Starbucks Matcha Drinks are the perfect thirst-quencher for Starbucks devotees, as well as for matcha lovers. Starbucks has some of the best Starbucks Matcha Drinks around and you can find something to indulge in, from yummy cold beverages that use Starbucks Signature Matcha Powder to seasonal specialities crafted with Starbucks’s beloved green tea powder.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely drink to compliment your next coffee break or an energizing and zesty start to your day, Starbucks culinary expertise ensures a perfect cup every time. Discover all the mouth-watering options and try out a new Starbucks Matcha Drink today!

What is in the Starbucks Matcha Drinks?

Starbucks Matcha Drinks are made with a combination of premium matcha powder, bold espresso shots and steamed milk. Depending on the flavor you choose, your drink can also include flavorful syrups such as classic or caramel, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of colorful sprinkles.

  • Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte
  • Starbucks Matcha Vanilla Frappuccino
  • Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino
  • Matcha Green Tea Lemonade
  • Matcha Coconut Frappuccino
  • Matcha White Chocolate Mocha
  • Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte
  • Matcha Green Tea Cream Frappuccino
  • Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino
  • Matcha Red Bean Frappuccino

What is Starbucks Matcha Drinks seasonal?

Starbucks is always introducing new drinks and seasonal flavors. Some of the latest summer matcha beverages include Matcha Summer Breeze, a delicious iced green tea latte with coconut milk, peach syrup and matcha powder; and Matcha Peach Wave Frappuccino, a creamy blend of ice, coconut milk, white chocolate sauce and peach-flavored syrup, topped with whipped cream and matcha powder.

Starbucks has also released several new limited-edition seasonal beverages featuring matcha such as the Matcha Latte Macchiato, a combination of matcha green tea powder, steamed milk and espresso shots; and the Matcha Green Tea Coconut Blended Creme Frappuccino, a mix of coconut milk and matcha green tea powder.

How much Matcha is in the Starbucks Drinks?

The amount of matcha in each drink varies depending on the size and flavor you choose. For example, a Tall Matcha Green Tea Latte contains two teaspoons of matcha powder while a Venti version has four teaspoons. Similarly, a Grande Matcha White Chocolate Mocha contains one teaspoon while a Venti version has two teaspoons. It’s important to note that the amount of matcha in each beverage may vary depending on your local Starbucks store.

What are the health benefits of drinking Matcha from Starbucks?

Matcha is packed with antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins that can help boost your immune system, regulate blood sugar levels, improve heart health and promote weight loss.

What ingredients are needed to make this drink?

The ingredients in Starbucks’ Matcha Green Tea Latte include matcha green tea powder, espresso shots, steamed milk and simple syrup. Depending on the size of your drink and any additional flavors or toppings you choose, the ingredients may vary.

What other Matcha drinks does Starbucks have?

Aside from the popular Matcha Green Tea Latte, Starbucks also offers a variety of other matcha-based beverages. These include Matcha White Chocolate Mocha, Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte, Matcha Red Bean Frappuccino and Matcha Coconut Frappuccino. They also offer seasonal flavors such as the limited edition Matcha Latte Macchiato, Matcha Summer Breeze and Matcha Peach Wave Frappuccino.

Which is the most popular Starbucks Matcha drink?

The most popular matcha-based beverage at Starbucks is the classic Matcha Green Tea Latte. This delicious combination of antioxidant-rich matcha green tea powder, espresso shots and steamed milk is a favorite among Starbucks customers. Other popular drinks include the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte, Matcha White Chocolate Mocha and Matcha Red Bean Frappuccino.

What type of sweetener should be used for this drink?

The traditional way to sweeten matcha-based beverages is with simple syrup or honey. However, if you prefer your drinks to be less sweet, you can also use agave nectar or other natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, stevia or monk fruit.

How do you make the Starbucks Matcha Drinks?

Starbucks Matcha Drinks

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Making Starbucks’ matcha-based drinks at home is relatively easy. The most important step is to ensure you use high-quality matcha green tea powder. To make the Matcha Green Tea Latte, mix two teaspoons of matcha powder with a few drops of hot water in a cup and whisk until the tea is frothy. Next, add espresso shots and steamed milk before topping with a dusting of matcha powder. For other flavors like the Matcha White Chocolate Mocha or Matcha Red Bean Frappuccino, simply adjust the ingredients to your taste.


  • Matcha green tea powder
  • Espresso shots
  • Steamed Milk
  • Simple syrup, honey, agave nectar or other natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar, stevia or monk fruit (optional)


  1. In a cup, mix two teaspoons of matcha powder with a few drops of hot water and whisk until the tea is frothy.
  2. Add espresso shots and steamed milk, stirring well.
  3. If desired, sweeten with simple syrup, honey, agave nectar or other natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar, stevia or monk fruit.
  4. Top with a dusting of matcha powder and enjoy.

Making Starbucks’ matcha-based drinks is simple and easy to do at home, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of matcha green tea in the comfort of your own home.

Homemade Starbucks Matcha Drinks?

Yes! Making Starbucks-style matcha drinks at home is easy and enjoyable. Start by preparing the matcha powder by combining it with hot water in a bowl or cup. Then add espresso shots to the mixture and stir until everything is well combined. Finally, steam your milk of choice (almond milk, coconut milk, etc.) and add it to the mix. To sweeten, you can use simple syrup, honey, agave nectar or other natural sweeteners. Once everything has been combined and stirred together, top with a dusting of matcha powder and you’re ready to enjoy your homemade Starbucks Matcha drink!

10 Best Starbucks Matcha Drinks

1. Matcha Crème Frappuccino:

Craving something sweet but don’t want to sacrifice the health benefits? Starbucks’ Matcha Frappuccino, made with creamy matcha powder and Crème syrup blended together with milk and ice then topped off with whipped cream (and even extra dusting of powdered matcha!), is perfect for those who are looking for a flavorful yet nourishing treat. Whether you’re lactose intolerant or vegan – substituting in non-dairy milk does not take away from its unique taste! Its earthy sweetness will satisfy any craving while still providing the nutritional benefit from green tea’s antioxidants. If that doesn’t have you sold on giving it a try, we don’t know what will!

Starbucks Matcha Drinks

2. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte:

Beat the heat and get a refreshing lift with Starbucks’ Iced Matcha Tea Latte! This drink blends green tea matcha powder for its sweetness, delivering 80 mg of caffeine in every sip. To customize the flavor, ask your barista to add classic syrup like vanilla – perfect for sunny days ahead.

Starbucks Matcha Drinks

3. Iced Matcha Pink Green :

This delicious drink steals the show! A combination of sweet, tangy and creamy all in one sip – Starbucks’ Iced Matcha Pink Mocha is a treat to your taste buds. To make it, mix espresso shots with matcha powder, pink strawberry purée, milk and classic syrup. It’s lightly sweetened (trust us, you won’t be disappointed!) and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. A delicious and beautiful way to get your caffeine fix!

Starbucks Matcha Drinks

4. Matcha Summer Breeze Frappuccino:

Bring a little taste of summer to your cup with Starbucks’ Matcha Summer Breeze Frappuccino. Combining matcha green tea powder and mango juice, this icy beverage is sure to please – even on the hottest days! Add in a few shots of espresso for an extra kick and take it up a notch by topping it off with whipped cream and a dusting of matcha powder for an unforgettable treat.

5. Matcha Green Tea Coconut Frappuccino:

A unique twist on Starbucks’ classic green tea latte, this coconut-infused creation combines premium matcha powder with creamy coconut milk and ice, then adds in a hint of white chocolate syrup for a balanced and flavorful beverage. Its light sweetness and smooth texture make it perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or a special treat.

6. Matcha Tea Misto:

For those looking for something with a bit more flavor complexity, the Starbucks Matcha Tea Misto is the way to go! This lively concoction blends green tea powder with brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk to make a rich and creamy beverage that packs an energizing punch. Add in a shot of espresso for an extra jolt of energy, or top it off with a dusting of matcha powder for eye-catching presentation.

7. Iced Matcha Lemonade:

Experience the perfect blend of sweet and tart with Starbucks’ Iced Matcha Lemonade. This summer-ready treat combines matcha green tea powder, lemon juice and simple syrup for a zesty flavor that’s sure to quench your thirst. For an even more refreshing taste, add a scoop of ice cream or a few splashes of coconut milk.

Starbucks Matcha Drinks

8. Matcha Green Tea Smoothie:

Browse the selection of Starbucks’ smoothies and you’ll find no shortage of delicious matcha-infused options. The Matcha Green Tea Smoothie blends green tea powder, yogurt, and ice – with a few added extras like banana or strawberries for extra flavor and texture. Non-dairy alternatives such as almond or coconut milk make this smoothie vegan friendly, so there’s something for everyone!

9. Iced Matcha Green Tea Macchiato:

Take a break from the usual coffee routine and try out Starbucks’ Iced Matcha Green Tea Macchiato. This unique drink blends matcha green tea powder with almond or coconut milk, a splash of caramel syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream for an Instagram-worthy presentation. Ask your barista to add a sprinkle of matcha dust for an extra touch of sweetness.

10. Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino:

Last but certainly not least, the Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino is a cold and creamy classic that’s sure to hit the spot. Combining matcha green tea powder with ice and milk, this beverage can be customized just the way you like it – add shots of espresso for an extra kick or request a few pumps of syrups for added sweetness.

All of these drinks offer a delicious and healthy way to enjoy the bright flavor of matcha green tea. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, creamy or fruity, Starbucks has a matcha drink for you!

The Starbucks Matcha At Home!

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FAQs Aks Starbucks Matcha Drinks

Q: What is matcha green tea?

A: Matcha green tea is a type of Japanese green tea made from finely ground powdered leaves. It’s known for its distinctively vibrant color and earthy, sweet flavor.

Q: How much caffeine does matcha green tea contain?

A: Typically one cup of matcha green tea contains around 70mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a cup of coffee.

Q: What are the health benefits of drinking matcha?

A: Matcha is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help boost energy levels while also aiding in digestion, improving heart health and promoting clarity and focus. It’s also known to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Q: How do I make matcha green tea at home?

A: Making matcha green tea is easy! Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder into a cup, then slowly pour in hot (not boiling) water while stirring with a whisk or spoon until the powder is fully dissolved. Enjoy your matcha green tea hot or chilled with a splash of almond milk and some honey for sweetness.

With Starbucks’ wide selection of matcha drinks, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste! From the classic Matcha Green Tea Latte to more adventurous options like Iced Matcha Lemonade and Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino, these drinks are sure to provide a delicious and healthy way to enjoy the flavor of matcha.

Q: Can I customize a matcha green tea drink?

A: Absolutely! Starbucks’ baristas can accommodate your specific preferences and make sure you get the perfect drink. Just let them know if you’d like more or less sweetness, an extra shot of espresso, or even something not on the menu – the possibilities are endless!

Q: What flavors go good with Starbucks matcha?

A: Starbucks matcha drinks pair well with a variety of flavors. Some popular options include adding a shot of espresso, honey, almond milk, coconut milk, fresh fruit or yogurt for added sweetness and texture. You can also add syrups like classic vanilla or caramel for an extra layer of flavor.

Q: Is Starbucks matcha healthy?

A: Yes, Starbucks matcha drinks are healthy. Matcha green tea is high in antioxidants and has many health benefits when consumed in moderation. Additionally, you can customize your drink with non-dairy alternatives like almond and coconut milk for a vegan option.

Q: What’s in the matcha drink at Starbucks?

A: The ingredients in Starbucks’ matcha drinks vary depending on the specific drink. Generally, the beverages include steamed or cold milk, matcha green tea powder and sometimes classic syrups for sweetness. Some specialty drinks also contain espresso shots, yogurt or fresh fruit for added flavor.

Q: How do I order a matcha drink at Starbucks?

A: You can order a matcha drink at Starbucks either in-store or through the mobile app/website. Just let your barista know which type of drink you’d like and any customizations you have in mind! Be sure to also ask about any seasonal options or specials – who knows, you may find a new favorite.

Q: How do you make matcha taste good at Starbucks?

A: At Starbucks, you can customize your matcha drink to make it taste just the way you like it. For a classic flavor, add a bit of honey or syrup for sweetness and a splash of almond milk if desired. For something more adventurous, try adding yogurt, fresh fruits or even espresso shots for an added boost!

Q: Why is Starbucks matcha so sugary?

A: Starbucks’ matcha drinks are usually made with classic syrups like vanilla and caramel, which can add a lot of sweetness. However, you can always ask your barista to customize your drink with less syrup or even no sweetener at all. You can also opt for non-dairy alternatives like almond or coconut milk instead of regular milk for a vegan option.

Q: How much caffeine is in Starbucks matcha?

A: The amount of caffeine in Starbucks’ matcha drinks can vary, depending on the type of drink and any customizations made to it. Generally speaking, however, an 8-ounce serving of matcha green tea contains approximately 40-70 milligrams of caffeine. Matcha drinks with espresso shots or added energy boosts may contain more.

Q: Is Starbucks matcha better than coffee?

A: Whether matcha or coffee is better depends on your individual preferences. Both drinks contain caffeine and provide an energy boost, but matcha contains significantly more antioxidants than coffee. Additionally, you can customize your drink with non-dairy milk alternatives, fresh fruits, and syrups for a unique flavor – something that’s not possible with most coffees. Ultimately, the best drink for you depends on your individual tastes and needs.

Q: Can you get Starbucks matcha without sugar?

A: Yes, you can get Starbucks matcha without any added sugar. Just let your barista know that you’d like to skip the syrups and opt for a non-dairy alternative like almond or coconut milk instead of regular milk. You can also customize your drink with fresh fruits or yogurt to add sweetness without adding extra calories.

Q: Why is matcha stronger than coffee?

A: Matcha contains a higher concentration of antioxidants and caffeine than coffee, which means it is typically stronger in both taste and effects. Matcha also has a distinctive grassy flavor that can be overwhelming for some people, but can easily be customized with different syrups or non-dairy milk alternatives. With its unique flavor profile, matcha is a great option for those looking to switch up their daily cup of coffee.


If you’re a matcha lover, Starbucks is the perfect place to get your fix. With so many delicious options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to try first. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Starbucks matcha drinks. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Starbucks and treat yourself to one (or all) of these tasty beverages today!

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