National Filet Mignon Day (August 13th)

Welcome to National Filet Mignon Day! As a guide, you know the importance of serving up delicious dishes for your clients. And what better way to delight them than by preparing a premium steak cut on this special holiday – filet mignon! This lean but incredibly tender cut of beef is the perfect star ingredient in your upcoming menu plan.

You’ll learn all about filet mignon from where to purchase it, how to properly prepare it, and some creative ideas for recipes that are sure to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. Get ready for an unforgettable meal with our tips and advice surrounding National Filet Mignon Day!

What is National Filet Mignon Day?

National Filet Mignon Day

National Filet Mignon Day is a celebration of arguably the most luxurious cut of beef there is – filet mignon. This cherished delicacy, also known as tenderloin steak, has been enjoyed by steak lovers for centuries. On August 13th, let’s raise a toast to this succulent piece of meat and show it the respect it deserves.

What Kind of Meat Is Filet Mignon?

Filet mignon is a cut of beef taken from the tenderloin section, which is located in between the sirloin and ribeye sections. As it’s served in very small portions, you can expect filet mignon to be expensive. That being said, the higher price tag does come with its benefits – this prime cut of beef is incredibly tender and juicy when cooked properly.

Where Does the Filet Mignon Cut Come From?

Filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin of the cow. This lean muscle runs along the back of the animal and provides one of the most desirable cuts of meat to cook with. Unlike other cuts, it’s incredibly tender and mild in flavour – perfect for cooking up a mouth-watering steak dinner.

How Should You Order Filet Mignon?

When ordering filet mignon, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best quality meat. Look for USDA Choice or Prime grade steaks and consider buying local, organic beef whenever possible. Also, think about what size steak you want to purchase – petite filets are great for single servings while larger cuts can feed a crowd.

How to Celebrate National Filet Mignon Day?

Once you’ve acquired your filet mignon, it’s time to get cooking! Whether you prefer to prepare seafood, poultry or beef dishes, a good steak cut can make all the difference in terms of flavor and presentation. Try concocting some classic recipes like steak au poivre or beef bourguignon.

Or for something more modern, there’s always the classic filet mignon with béarnaise sauce. Any of these dishes are sure to elevate your dinner-table experience and make National Filet Mignon Day a memorable one!

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1. Create your own Filet Mignon dinner:

Put your own spin on this special day by creating a unique filet mignon dining experience. Start by heading to the market and picking out some of your favorite ingredients like mushrooms, shallots and garlic. Then season your steak with some herbs and spices before cooking it however you’d like – grilled, pan-fried or roasted. Finally, add some side dishes and voila! You’ve got a luxurious feast that’s sure to make National Filet Mignon Day even more special.

2. Enjoy a steak dinner with family:

National Filet Mignon Day

Filet mignon is the perfect piece of meat for sharing with your family and friends. Gather the group around the table, enjoy some good conversation, and savor the flavors of National Filet Mignon Day. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate with those you care about!

3. Host a steak-tasting party:

Take your celebration up a notch by hosting a steak-tasting party. Invite your friends over for an evening of sampling different cuts of beef. You can include things like ribeye, New York strip and filet mignon. Include some sides like roasted potatoes or a seasonal salad and it’ll be the perfect way to honor National Filet Mignon Day in style!

4. Try something new:

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give some new recipes a try? There are countless creative ways to cook up filet mignon and bring out its full flavor. From pan-seared steak tacos to filet-mignon crostini with béarnaise sauce, the possibilities are truly endless! So grab your ingredients and get creative in the kitchen this National Filet Mignon Day.

Why We Love National Filet Mignon Day?

Filet mignon is a luxurious steak that’s often reserved for special occasions. So why not make National Filet Mignon Day one of them? This holiday allows us to indulge in the finest cut of beef without overindulging on our wallet.

It’s an opportunity to share a meal with those who matter most while taking the time to appreciate the effort that went into creating this exquisite dish. So join us in celebrating National Filet Mignon Day and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable meal!

Starbucks Apple’s Favorite Filet Mignon Recipes

At Starbucks Apple, we love nothing more than a good steak dinner. So here are some of our favorite recipes to make on National Filet Mignon Day!

  • Filet mignon with béarnaise sauce: Classic and timeless, you can’t go wrong with this dish.
  • Steak au poivre: A French classic featuring steak in a creamy peppercorn sauce.
  • Beef Bourguignon: A hearty stew that pairs beef with mushrooms, onions, carrots and bacon.
  • Pan-seared steak tacos: A fun twist on tacos with juicy pan-seared steak.
  • Filet mignon crostini with béarnaise sauce: Bite-sized pieces of steak topped with a flavorful sauce.

We hope you’ll enjoy these recipes and that they help make your National Filet Mignon Day extra special!

Happy National Filet Mignon Day from Starbucks Apple! For more delicious inspiration, check out our food blog for the latest in steak-related tips and tricks. From cooking methods to flavor combinations, we’ve got you covered with all the advice and guidance you need to create an unforgettable meal. So show your appreciation for this exquisite cut of beef and make National Filet Mignon Day one to remember!

How to Grill Filet Mignon to Perfection

Grilling filet mignon is the perfect way to celebrate National Filet Mignon Day. To get that tender, juicy steak with a beautiful char, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by preheating your grill to high heat and lightly oiling the grates.
  • Season your steaks generously with salt and pepper.
  • Place the steaks on the heated grill, and cook for 3 minutes per side or until your desired doneness.
  • Once cooked, let them rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Grilling is a great way to get that smokey flavor without having to use a lot of oil or butter. Plus, it takes no time at all!
So join us in celebrating National Filet Mignon Day and show your appreciation for this exquisite cut of beef. Whether you’re hosting a steak-tasting party or trying something new in the kitchen, make the most of this delicious holiday with Starbucks Apple!

History of National Filet Mignon Day?

National Filet Mignon Day is a celebration of the most luxurious cut of steak. It’s believed that the name comes from French chef Auguste Escoffier who created this exquisite dish in 1892. He named it after his favorite pastry, mille-feuille (a thousand layers). Since then, filet mignon has become a popular steak dish served at high-end restaurants all over the world.

So this National Filet Mignon Day, take the time to appreciate the effort and skill that goes into creating this exquisite cut of meat. From finding the freshest cuts to grilling it to perfection, there’s no denying that filet mignon is the ultimate showstopper.


National Filet Mignon Day is a great way to treat yourself and your loved ones to a memorable meal. Enjoy filet mignon dishes this August 13th from some of the world’s greatest chefs! With all of these wonderful options, it can be hard to pick just one! Remember that the holiday means more than just enjoying an elegant meal – it also celebrates the effort everyone puts into perfecting their craft.


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