Jura E8 Review 2023: Is It the Perfect Coffee Machine for You?

I’ve chosen to update my Jura E8 review since I like to catch up with old acquaintances. After mending my connection with the Swiss firm, this was one of the first Jura coffee makers I tried out. In fact, I have pleasant memories of experimenting with the Jura E8 and discovering that these manufacturers were capable of producing an excellent fully automatic espresso machine.
I can tell you right away that the Jura E8 is still one of my favorites after having it fired up again. Let’s go right into my revised Jura E8 review now without further ado. I can’t wait to tell you everything about this device and why it merits your consideration!

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Jura E8 Overview

If you’ve read through my super automatic espresso machine guide 2023, you’ll know that I think extremely highly of the majority of Jura coffee makers. Even yet, the Swiss company doesn’t seem to care much about making an effort to compete in the low-cost segment.

Having said that, the Jura E8 is an excellent value at $2,399.00, especially considering how high-end it is. For comparison, the smaller and less powerful Jura ENA 8 costs nearly as much, demonstrating once more how affordable the E8 is.

The Jura E8 is the total deal, offering everything from a stylish design and a wide range of features to low volume operation and ease as well as excellent espresso and milk foam.

First off, the Swiss maker has crammed the E8 with a ton of fantastic features. A fantastic Aroma G3 grinder and one of the greatest automatic milk systems I’ve ever seen are both on board. Additionally, the degree of drink personalization you can accomplish is pretty astounding.

The Jura E8 has been around for a while, but throughout that time, it has undergone one or two improvements. There is a new grinder that is faster and quieter than the previous one, as I just described.

The newer, fancier milk system or Professional Fine Foam technology is another immediately discernible difference. The most recent model of the auto-frother has a selection switch in place of a dial that not only lets you change the texture of the microfoam but can also be quickly switched to hot milk.

Jura E8 Review

Step up your coffee game with the Jura E8 Piano White Automatic Coffee Machine. This latest generation machine offers improved design and unbeatable barista-level coffee-making capabilities.

Why settle for less when you can enjoy 17 specialty coffee options like aromatic espresso, cortado, and that extra strong cup of joe? The dedicated hot water spout allows you to make long and mild drinks that mimic those served in professional establishments.

With the multifunctional touchscreen display and Extra Shot function for further intensifying your favorite flavors, the Jura E8 will serve all of your professional coffee needs with ease.

Key Feature & Benefit

  • Professional coffee drinks at the touch of a button.
  • Easy to use design with dedicated spouts for hot water and espresso shots.
  • Start the day with a smile on your face thanks to perfect coffee creations.
  • Enjoy your favourite specialty coffees in style and sophistication with stainless steel construction and Piano White finish.

What we like:

  • Saves time and energy on maintenance
  • Keep the machine running well
  • Feel secure knowing that your machine is working properly.

The Jura E8 Review Color Options

Summary Jura E8

Jura E8 Review

Introducing the Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Center – perfect for professional baristas who are looking for a top-options to satisfy their customers’ tastes! With its 17 programmed specialties, pulse extraction process, and Professional Aroma Grinder, this impressive machine is sure to make each cup of coffee taste better than ever before.

Specialty drinks such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Portion of Milk Foam, and Lungo will become easy to create with all the features included in this quality product. Its intuitive touch panel ensures the user has absolute command over every step of the preparation.

Of course it doesn’t end there; the Professional Aroma Grinder preserves 12.2% more aroma so each sip carries remarkable flavor that will keep your customers coming back for more. With its powerful performance and sleek design, it’s no wonder why the Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine is worthy of being in any profession setting. Get yours today for an unforgettable coffee experience!

What We like:

  • Adaptable product settings to suit your needs
  • Visible product name and relevant information on the display
  • Seamless coffee machine operation for an effortless experience
  • Luxurious design and high quality materials that exude elegance in your kitchen

Black Jura E8

Jura E8 Review

Brew café-style drinks in the comfort of your own home with the JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8. Featuring revolutionary Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) technology, this coffee and espresso system works to optimize extraction time – crafting even short specialty coffees like ristretto and espresso with an impressive depth of flavor.

Professional buyers can customize their cups with eight different intensity levels and 12 programmable specialty beverages, ranging from flat whites and macchiatos for a perfect cup tailored to their specific taste. Unparalleled in design, quality, convenience, and sophistication, the E8 is sure to produce superior results time after time.

Enjoy flavorful potential reachable only through café style brewers with the JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8 today!

Jura E8 Features

Size and Style

The Jura E8 is quite stunning, as I stated before in this review. When it comes to elegant, refined design, Jura rarely disappoints, but the E8 elevates the brand to a new level. Although some people might think the 2.8-inch (7.1-centimeter) screen is a bit on the small side, I think it fits in well with the machine’s overall size.

The Jura E8 is neither the biggest nor the smallest super automatic I’ve encountered in terms of total size. In the end, I don’t think it will be difficult for you to find room for this beauty on your kitchen counter. The E8 is also sturdily built and weighs 21 pounds (9.5 kilograms). Let’s just say that once it’s settled in your kitchen, it won’t be leaving!

User Experience

The Jura E8 coffee maker’s attractive design is highlighted by its high-resolution TFT color display, which also makes using it a genuine delight. To choose options and change settings, just utilize the two rows of tiny buttons on either side of the screen. There isn’t much more to add to that other the fact that the procedure is simple to use.

Entry-level super automated espresso machines with monochrome screens that solely show text are still sporadically available. One of them is not the Jura E8. This equipment clearly belongs to a separate class and is a direct result of the smartphone revolution.

Milk Foam

Milk Foam The milk system on the Jura E8 is a perfect example of how appearances can be deceiving. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your coffee and microfoam come out of separate outlets by the distinct milk spout at the front of the machine. Your cup won’t need to be moved. Promise.

Wait for it: the milk outlet and another spout both release milk froth and espresso simultaneously. As usual, the center outlet only dispenses coffee specialty without milk. You can also simultaneously pull two espressos or other beverages without milk using those two spouts. Unfortunately, utilizing the Jura E8 milk frother to prepare two milk-based specialties simultaneously is not possible.

Specialty Beverages

The Jura E8 offers almost all of the specialty drinks you could ask for from a machine at this pricing point. There are 17 options available, such as cappuccino, cortado, and americano. Having said that, Jura seems to be expecting us to agree that hot water qualifies as a specialty beverage.

Anyway, the degree of control you have over your beverage is quite cool. You can change the size and temperature, and there are an astonishing 10 different strength levels to pick from. I also particularly like Jura’s Extra Shot feature, which has the E8 brew two separate espressos rather than simply over-extract one.


In this Jura E8 review, I’ve already made a few mentions to the Aroma G3 grinder, and with good reason. I have to admit that Jura’s updated grinder really impresses in terms of both consistency and speed.

The silence of the stainless steel burrs while in use also struck me favorably. Oh, and the Aroma G3 is well calibrated, so you’ll have plenty of freedom to maneuver even if it only has six adjustment options.

On the machine’s top, tucked away under a flap, is the grinder adjustment dial. Under there is a bypass doser for ground coffee. The 10 ounce (283 gram) bean hopper with its stylish fragrance preservation lid is located above the actual grinder.

The Jura E8: A Coffee Lover’s Dream Come True

Introducing the Jura E8, the epitome of brewing excellence. With its sleek and sophisticated design, this coffee machine combines form and function seamlessly. But it’s not just about looks—underneath its stylish exterior lies an array of cutting-edge features that will elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

The Jura E8 boasts an intuitive TFT color display, allowing you to navigate through its menu effortlessly. Its One-Touch function enables you to prepare a variety of specialty coffees with a mere touch of a button. Whether you crave a rich espresso, a silky cappuccino, or a frothy latte macchiato, the Jura E8 has got you covered.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), the Jura E8 ensures optimal extraction time for each coffee type, resulting in a flavor profile that is both full-bodied and aromatic. The AromaG3 grinder guarantees precision grinding, maximizing the flavor potential of your beans. With the Jura E8, each cup of coffee becomes a work of art.

Delving into the Features: A Closer Look at the Jura E8

1. Intelligent Brewing Technology: Unlocking Flavorful Delights

With its intelligent brewing technology, the Jura E8 takes coffee brewing to a whole new level. The machine recognizes your individual preferences and adapts its settings accordingly, ensuring that every cup is tailored to your taste buds. From the strength of the coffee to the temperature and volume, the Jura E8 ensures a personalized and consistent brewing experience.

2. Specialty Coffee Selection: Indulge in Your Favorites

The Jura E8 offers an extensive range of specialty coffees, catering to all your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic espresso or a velvety flat white, the Jura E8 delivers with precision and finesse. Its intuitive interface allows you to choose from a variety of options, including ristretto, latte macchiato, and even hot water for tea enthusiasts.

3. AromaG3 Grinder: Perfectly Ground Beans for Optimal Extraction

One of the key components of the Jura E8’s exceptional coffee quality is its AromaG3 grinder. Designed for speed and precision, this grinder ensures consistent particle size, resulting in a uniform extraction process. With the ability to adjust the grind settings to your preference, you can unleash the full potential of your favorite beans.

4. Fine Foam Technology: Luxurious Milk Froth at Your Fingertips

For those who appreciate the art of frothing, the Jura E8 offers a delightful treat. Its innovative Fine Foam Technology creates creamy and feather-light milk foam, perfect for adding the finishing touch to your specialty coffees. Indulge in café-quality cappuccinos and lattes without leaving the comfort of your home.

5. Hygienic Maintenance: Effortless Cleaning and Longevity

Maintaining the Jura E8 is a breeze, thanks to its integrated cleaning and maintenance functions. The machine prompts you when it requires cleaning or descaling, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With its detachable brewing unit and dishwasher-safe components, keeping your Jura E8 in pristine condition has never been easier.

How to Use Jura E8?

The Jura E8 is intuitive and straightforward. To get started, simply fill the tank with fresh water, select your desired beverage, then adjust the intensity to suit your taste. The LEDs will guide you through all stages of preparation, from grinding the beans to preparing the perfect espresso shot or latte.

Once you’re done, just need toichever drink you choose, with the Jura E8, it’s a matter of moments to enjoy cafe-quality beverages anytime. Get creative and explore the range of specialty drinks that this machine can produce, from macchiatos to flat whites – you won’t be disappointed!

Jura E8 Cleaning

How to Clean Jura E8?

The fact that Jura insisted that its machines had fixed brew groups used to really frighten me out. My worries have been allayed after conducting a year-long experiment on a Jura A1. The self-cleaning features actually do a great job!

For coffee, espresso, and the Jura E8 milk frother, which needs to be flushed after each use, there are rinsing and cleaning capabilities. If you’re concerned about forgetting to start the purge, you can program the machine to remind you to do so.

The milk system should be thoroughly cleaned at the conclusion of each day of use, according to the manufacturer. This includes not only using Jura Milk System Cleaner and the cleaning method I previously mentioned, but also unscrewing and disassembling the fine foam frother so you may wash it by hand.

The Jura espresso machine automatically rinses the coffee system whenever it is turned on or off. After 80 drinks, a thorough clean is necessary, but the machine will notify you. During this approximately 20-minute procedure, Jura advises using its own brand items.

Jura E8 scaling down

Not to mention, there is the required descaling program. But if you use the Claris filters, you shouldn’t have to run it, claims the company. On this moment, Jura is singing a song from my songbook. Filtered water always makes for better coffee and protects the espresso maker, therefore I always suggest using it. This is especially true if your water supply is exceptionally harsh.

Design and Build Quality

The Jura E8 boasts a sleek and modern design, with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. Its compact footprint allows it to fit seamlessly into any kitchen decor, while the robust construction guarantees reliable performance for years to come.

Features and Ease of Use

With an array of features, the Jura E8 offers unparalleled convenience in brewing your favorite beverages. From customizable drink options to programmable settings, this coffee machine can cater to individual preferences effortlessly. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operating the machine a breeze, even for those new to espresso machines.

Size and Design

The Jura E8 stands out with its bold and modern aesthetic. This coffee maker measures 17″D x 20.2″W x 12.8″H, making it a great fit for most kitchen countertops without taking up too much space. Additionally, its lightweight design ensures easy transport and storage when needed.

User Interface

The Jura E8’s intuitive touch panel. Whether you’re preparing a classic espresso or something more complex like an Americano, this machine provides clear instructions and guides users through every step of the process.


arsely ground coffee beans can diminish the flavor and aroma of your cups, which is why the Jura E8 includes a professional-grade Aroma Grinder. This ensures maximum taste preservation while locking in freshness for unrivaled quality that will take your beverages to the next level.


The Jura E8 comes with a mid-to-high priceverage

The Jura E8 includes a two-year warranty that covers parts, labor, and repair costs. Additionally, the company offers excellent customer service and technical support for all its products.

Pulse Extraction Process

The Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) is an innovative brewing technology that optimizes extraction time. This process helps to deliver more flavor and aroma with each cup of coffee or espresso, creating a unique cafe-style experience in your own home.

Specialty Drinks

axing out the full flavor of your favorite beverages is easy with the JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8. The machine allows you to customize your coffee drinks with eight different intensity levels and twelve programmable specialty drinks, ranging from flat whites and macchiatos to cappuccinos and latte macchiatos.

Milk Frother

The JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8! Featuring an integrated grinder and PULSE Extraction Procperformance milk frother included in the Jura E8 delivers creamy microfoam for your favorite drinks. Whether you prefer cappuccinos or lattes, this machine’s automated system guarantees perfect resultsvenience

Eliminate the hassle of grinding beans and tamping manually with the JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8. This innovative machine provides convenience with its automated brewing process and intuitive one-touch operation.

Intelligent Water System

The JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8 includes an intelligent water system that adapts to your usage. This ensures optimal flavor and strength for each cup you brew, so you can enjoy top-notch coffee every time.

The JURA 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8 is a fantastic option for those seeking café-quality coffee with an easy-to-use machine. It’s advanced features, customizable settings, and intuitive controls make it a great choice for both experienced baristas and those just starting out. With its robust design, top-notch performance, and unbeatable convenience, this coffee maker can take your home brewing to the next level and Value.

For an espresso machine that delivers café-quality drinks with minimal effort, the Jura E8 is a great choice. Its automated process, advanced features, and simple operation make it a valuable addition to any kitchen. Plus, its competitive price point makes this machine an excellent value for all coffee enthusiasts.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I adjust the strength of the coffee with the Jura E8?

A: Absolutely! The Jura E8 offers customizable strength settings, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your coffee to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a milder brew or a bolder, more robust cup, the Jura E8 gives you the flexibility to tailor your coffee strength accordingly.

Q: Does the Jura E8 have a built-in water filtration system?

A: Yes, the Jura E8 comes equipped with an intelligent water filtration system. This system ensures that the water used for brewing is free from impurities and enhances the overall taste of your coffee. Regular filter replacements are required to maintain water quality and prolong the lifespan of your machine.

Q: Can I make hot water for tea with the Jura E8?

A: Certainly! The Jura E8 offers a hot water function, allowing you to dispense hot water for various purposes, including brewing tea or making other hot beverages. With this feature, you can enjoy a versatile coffee machine that caters to all your hot drink needs.

Q: Does the Jura E8 have automatic shut-off functionality?

A: Yes, the Jura E8 is programmed with an automatic shut-off feature. After a period of inactivity, the machine will enter an energy-saving mode and eventually power off automatically. This helps conserve energy and ensures the safe operation of the coffee machine.

Q: Can I save personalized coffee profiles on the Jura E8?

A: Absolutely! The Jura E8 allows you to save personalized coffee profiles, so you can conveniently access your preferred settings for future use. Whether it’s the coffee strength, brew volume, or milk frothing preferences, youcan customize and save your preferred settings as individual profiles, making it easier to replicate your favorite cup of coffee with a simple touch.

Q1: Can I customize the strength of my coffee with the Jura E8?

A: Yes, absolutely! The Jura E8 allows you to adjust the strength of your coffee to suit your personal preference. Simply navigate through the menu, select the desired strength level, and let the machine work its magic.

Q2: How does the Jura E8 compare to other coffee machines on the market?

A: The Jura E8 stands out for its exceptional build quality, advanced features, and the ability to consistently deliver outstanding coffee. Its intelligent brewing technology, along with the Pulse Extraction Process and AromaG3 grinder, ensures a truly remarkable coffee experience that rivals even the most renowned coffee shops.

Q3: Is the Jura E8 suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! The Jura E8 is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface and One-Touch function make it incredibly easyfor beginners to operate. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting your coffee journey, the Jura E8 will quickly become your trusted companion.

Q4: Can I use pre-ground coffee with the Jura E8?

A: Yes, you can! The Jura E8 features a bypass doser that allows you to use pre-ground coffee instead of whole beans. This is perfect for those times when you want to indulge in a decaffeinated beverage or try a different coffee blend without emptying the bean hopper.

Q5: Does the Jura E8 come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely! Jura offers a generous warranty on the E8, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your investment. The specific warranty details may vary depending on your location, so it’s always advisable to check with the manufacturer or authorized dealers for accurate information.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with the Jura E8 Review

In a world where coffee has become an art form, the Jura E8 emerges as a true masterpiece. From its sleek design to its remarkable brewing capabilities, this coffee machine leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection. The intelligent technology, advanced features, and attention to detail make the Jura E8 a worthy addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal.

With the Jura E8 at your fingertips, you can effortlessly create café-quality beverages in the comfort of your own home. Indulge in the rich aromas, velvety textures, and bold flavors that this exceptional machine delivers. Say goodbye to long queues at coffee shops and hello to the blissful experience of savoring your favorite specialty coffees whenever you desire.


I’m Kara Chavez, and I love coffee. I like to create some of the best coffees around – espressos, lattes, macchiatos – you name it. I strive for perfection in my coffee-making skills, and I take great pride in providing a delicious cup of joe to my customers.

I’ve been working in the coffee industry for years now, and I know everything there is to know about making a perfect cup of coffee. My passion for coffee shines through in every cup that I make, and I hope that you’ll stop by soon so that I can share my love of coffee with you!

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